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IPv6 Downloads:

Most downloads here are outdated. I will update this page in the near future.

Description: 46Bouncer is a very simple tool that is able to accept TCP/UDP connections in IPv4/6 and forward them to an application in IPv6/4. In other words, it acts as a proxy between the IPv4 and IPv6 world (and vice versa flandero). 46Bouncer work in background as an NT Service!

AsyBoV6 - Bouncer from IPv4 to IPv6
Description: AsyBoV6 is a bouncer from IPv4 to IPv6 (it listen on IPv4, and for every connection it creates a tunnel for data from IPv4 to IPv6) : it's useful if you want to use old IPv4 applications and you have IPv6 stack installed (and so you want to exit from your machine with IPv6 address).

AsyProxy - Proxy web HTTP IPv4/IPv6
Description: Proxy web HTTP IPv4/IPv6.

Not Only Two!
Description: The ONLY voice and video chat program that allows MORE THAN TWO (and up to 100) users to chat with voice and video simultaneously! Full IPv6 listen and connect support. HTML documentation. Compatible with ICQ,MSN Messenger and TurboIRC. Auto updates itself when necessary.

Psybnc2.3.2-4+IPv6 Support for Win32
Description: The latest version of popular BNC ported to Win32 with IPv6 support. Partychannel is enabled.

Description: Bouncer TCP ipv* to ipv* (from ipv4 to a ipv4 - from ipv6 to ipv6 - from ipv4 to ipv6 - from ipv6 to ipv4). - IPv4/IPv6 identd for Windows
Description: IPv4/IPv6-dual identd for Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Description: IPv4/IPv6 WHOIS-Client for Windows 2000/XP.

Windows 2000 IPv6 - SP3/IE IPv6 enabler
Description: This "release" allows you to install IPv6 support on Win2k with SP3, SP2 (or SP1 ) It also allows you to install it alongside IE6.

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